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We love Rebranding! The UrbanV Case Study


UrbanV S.p.A.


Logo & Brand Manual, Icon, Website, Video Production


UrbanV is a company established by the airports of Rome, Bologna, Venice, and the French Riviera dedicated to sustainable mobility. The Company designs, builds, and manages vertiports: critical infrastructures dedicated to electric vertical take-off aircraft (e-VTOLs) to connect airports and city centers and thus decongesting high-traffic urban areas and promoting intra-city mobility.

The Company’s operations are forecast to start in 2024 when the connection between the Fiumicino airport and downtown Rome will be operational.


The Company entrusted us its full rebranding and the design of a consistent communication plan to promote UbranV’s Made in Italy image and innovation on the national and international markets.

We created:

  1. Logo & Brand Manual
  2. Icon
  3. Video
  4. Website

Brand Philosophy

Everyone is unique. The 12 Jungian’s archetypes of psychology are a simplification, but they help to identify a prevailing personality, both for a person and a brand.

We led UrbanV’s management on a journey to explore each archetype, and they chose the Hero.


Acts with courage: heroic brands convey strength and power, create innovation and have a big impact on the world.

Desire: show one’s value through challenging and brave actions

Logo redesign

Iconic Visual

We redesigned the brand image also using a new set of icons to provide the Brand with an original and unique visual “vocabulary” that makes it stand out respect to the competition. The goal is to make it easier for business operators to understand the services and provide guidance to vertiport users.

Video Production

This video, created entirely using motion graphic technology, tells of a future already happening.