The world can turn upside down in the blink of an eye
We have experienced this on our own skin
The only certainty is the present
Seizing and conveying an instant, in the exact moment it happens, is the greatest challenge for anyone who works
in our field

It requires the right words
The right tenses
The right moods
And there is only one way in our language to express an action in progress: a continuous tense.
In Italian, it is called “gerundio”.
Just like us

Because sometimes a name holds a destiny
Ours is to read, interpret, and reshape the present creatively
And to offer our clients the outcome of this process
We call this outcome "communication"
And it is exactly what we like to do
What we have always done
And even what we are doing right now, in this instant
Doing. A continuous tense.

Time does not age us
Because every day, we begin anew