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Todis: a hybrid event to increase the drive to store




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The #AperitivoDiPassaggio project came to be out of a desire to explore new opportunities and bring together the physical and digital world in a single location. This led to setting up a customized Todis Food Truck, strategically located near a variety of points of sale and main squares in several cities, ranging from Rome to Palermo, for a total of 12 events. At each stop along the journey, an Influencer participated by skillfully preparing delectable appetizers using Todis products to delight and serve to the passers-by.


Why embark on such a tour?

  • Drive to store: Individuals interested in the event are encouraged to come in person near the point of sale.
  • Brand Awareness: With the participation of influencers, the brand's awareness and reputation are boosted.

Thanks to this strategy, the #AperitivoDiPassaggio initiative reached:

 2 million total views

from April 27th
to May 24th, 2023

an average of 300 participants

per stop


One of the main touchpoints was a user-friendly Landing Page where users could be guided to read all the information about each stop: date, location, time, and Influencer.

The entire asset of the Content Strategy was developed starting from the creativity of the Landing Page.

The publishing plan for Todis' Facebook and Instagram pages was supported by content created by Influencers, various event invitation newsletters, articles published on different websites, and radio ads aired on RDS and RTL.

Main assets

Landing Page

Point of contact with the user.

Lead generation
Site traffic

Press and radio office

Press activities on target media and advertising campaigns on local radio stations

Brand awareness

Mail Marketing

Targeted communication based on geolocalization.

Brand awareness

Influencing Marketing

Participation of expert Food Bloggers to describe the genuineness of the foods and their naturalness.

Brand awareness

Watch the video

Todis Aperitivo di passaggio Video

Listen to the radio ad

The event in numbers

8 cities

12 aperitifs

6 influencers

Insight Influencer

Impression: 463.742
Reach: 429.369
Interactions: 9.952

Insight Todis (IG)

Reach: 355.602
Interactions: 10.200
Media Views: 26.000

Insight Todis (FB)

Reach: 67.146
Interactions: 414
Page visits: 20.000

Press Review

2 Maggio 2023

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4 Maggio 2023

Aperitivo di passaggio: Todis presenta la sua food experience

2 Maggio 2023

Al via la campagna Todis “Aperitivo di Passaggio – la Bontà si fa strada”