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Todis: a contest to rapidly grow an online community




Advertising strategy, Social content, Digital products


#TodisGood MorningPlanet represents a win-win case study. Todis responded to the growing demand for green sustainability through the contest by engaging users to participate in a quiz.

Todis challenged us to design and devise an online quiz contest to convert leads, raise awareness among the target audience, and increase brand awareness. The objectives were reached through a structured communication campaign.


The main touch point was a user-friendly look&feel landing page where the user would be guided to answer the quiz. To increase interest, contestants could choose between the two prizes up for grabs related to the eco-sustainable theme: a scooter or an e-bike.

The content strategy asset was developed from the creativity of the landing page designed to implement the inbound campaigns.

Along with the web initiatives, the offline approach was also a crucial part of the campaign. The architecture of the contest was the result of thorough market research. The message on which we based the content strategy was highly customized.

The subject matter and tone of voice in the radio spot slogan "Sensitive to Nature?” were designed to reach a specific target audience. Dissemination was also supported by local and industry-specific press office activity.

Main assets

Landing Page

Point of contact with the user.

Lead generation
Site traffic

Google and Social media ADS

ADV based on user search on Google and specific target ADV with remarketing opportunities.

Brand awareness
Lead Conversion

E-mail Marketing Automation

Tag communication created from a workflow.

Brand awareness

Press and radio office

Press activities on target media and advertising campaigns on local radio stations

Brand awareness

Thanks to an integrated online and offline campaign, the #TodisBuongiornoPianeta contest generated

20,584 new leads

from July 9
to August 2, 2020

Our partner specialist, Digital Angels, promoted our creative approach online through social media ADS and Programmatic tools, thus earning a Digiseg's Best Performing Agency award for September with significant upper funnel results and lower funnel KPIs that exceeded industry benchmarks.

Social ADV

Impressions: 1.760.112
Clicks on link: 21.326
CTR: 1,21%,
Leads: 9.688

Video views

Thruplay videos: 6.731
Video completed: 118.586


Impressions: 589.046
Clicks on link: 27.309
CTR: 4,64%
Leads: 403

Press Review

9 Luglio 2020

Todis premia i siciliani più “verdi” con bici e monopattini elettrici

9 Luglio 2020

Concorso ”Todis Buongiorno pianeta”: vinci gratis monopattino o bicicletta elettrica

10 Luglio 2020

Todis premia i clienti puntando sulla mobilità alternativa