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The “La Dolce Vita Orient Express” train is born


Arsenale SpA


Branding, Video production

Arsenale Spa


Arsenale Spa is a multi-brand company that develops and manages assets in the Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle sector, founded in 2020 by Paolo Barletta, CEO of the Barletta Group, and Nicola Bulgari’s Annabel Holding. The group entrusted us with the design of its branding activities to optimize the positioning of the Brand and its projects in the Luxury Hospitality market.

In addition, Arsenale assigned us the task of managing the visual design aspects of the official presentation for the "La Dolce Vita" train: the first sustainable tourism project by rail with a luxury offer.

The rationale behind the logo

The name "Arsenale" was chosen after a long and complex process that aimed to remind of the “Italianness and firepower” of the investors' financial operations.

A concept also reflected in the logo where the circle represents the due diligence of the investments and the thin lines pointing toward the center the "ethereal" and refined dimension in which the luxury market moves.

La Dolce Vita Orient Express


The Arsenale SPA's project was created in collaboration with Accor Group's Orient Express, Trenitalia-State Railways Group, and the FS Foundation.

This is how La Dolce Vita Orient Express came to be: the train wants to revolutionize luxury hôtellerie by rail, based on a concept of "slow tourism" dedicated to the rediscovery of the beauty of Italy and its hidden lands.

Video Production

For the June 15, 2021, launch, we produced the initiative's launch video in collaboration with Al One, a specialist in graphic animation. The storytelling had a narrative aesthetic thanks to "motion graphic" technology combined with 3D, inspired by old travel notebooks, and enhanced the dreamlike state associated with the desire to escape that everyone feels.


A 44-page publishing product illustrating the travel routes and features of the service in digital and print versions


An exclusive leather passport holder by Campo Marzio with a QR code inside that is linked to the Train presentation video.


Invitations, Save The Date, and Badges matching the project’s brand identity

Press Review

16 Giugno 2021

Trenitalia punta sul turismo lento e di lusso: ecco il convoglio della Dolce Vita

15 Giugno 2021

Il Treno della Dolce Vita porta il lusso sulle rotaie e racconta l’Italia delle eccellenze

15 Giugno 2021

Turismo: arriva treno di lusso, la Dolce Vita su rotaie

15 Giugno 2021

Treni (di lusso), arriva «Dolce Vita»: è l’Orient Express Made in Italy